Thermomat Heated Carpet Mat

Thermomat Heated Carpet Mat


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Add the warm feeling of Underfloor Heating to your home or office without having to replace your floor. Thermomat heated carpet mats are a simple Plug-in Electric Heat Mat, ideal for use under your desk!

    Product Features

    • Excellent localised heat source
    • Very low running costs
    • Self-regulating 
    • 230V 75Watt Output
    • Double Insulated Safety
    • Totally unobtrusive

      The 600 x 400mm Thermomat is an excellent localised heatsource with an endless list of applications. The special heating element is encapsulated between two pieces of hard wearing microrib carpet for effective heating, especially suited to the office environment. These mats have an output of 75W and a safety cut out fuse, providing comfort in many situations. Thermomat comes complete with an Australian 3-pin plug for immediate use and is backed by a money-back satisfaction guarantee.