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Jeeves Element

Jeeves Liquid Filled Electric Heated Towel Rail Elements


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Jeeves are a South African manufacturer of high quality liquid filled Heated Towel Rails. The elements in the bottom of these towel rails can be replaced should they fail. These are easily fitted into the bottom of the towel rail by a qualified electrician.rate.

    Product Features

    • 5 Sizes available
    • Plug-in or Hard-wired
    • Compatible with all Jeeves Towel Rail models
    • Simple changeover

    Need a Replacement Element? How to select the correct element for your Jeeves heated towel rail.
    The element of the Jeeves heated towel rails can fail after a long period of use and the replacement Jeeves elements allow you to quickly and easily fix this without the expense and inconvenience of replacing the entire rail. When choosing a new element, you need to know the wattage of the element that is currently in your heated towel rail. The replacement element can be within 10-15% of the wattage of the original element. If selecting an element with a higher wattage than the original element, this will result in an increased surface temperature of the heated towel rail, whilst a lower wattage element will decrease the surface temperature.