ComfortZone 8259 Touchscreen Thermostat


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The 8259 Touchscreen Thermostat provides you with the ultimate control of your Underfloor Heating

The 8259 slimline, unnoticeable Electric Underfloor Heating Thermostat with a fully functional LCD touchscreen display. 

The 8259 Thermostat fits into any interior and provides the ultimate control of your Underfloor Heating system. Combat rising energy costs with programmable heating schedules (with 6 events daily, 7 days of the week) which can be setup to provide efficient heating that is perfectly suited to your life style. 

    Product Features

    • LED backlit touchscreen display
    • 7 day fully programmable heating agenda
    • Electrical Back-box provided for mounting
    • Stylish Gloss White Casing
    • Also available in Black and Chrome
    • Controls up to 16A or 3600W UFH Systems
    • High Accuracy with Floor Sensor
    • 3 Year Warranty


    8259 Thermostat Installation Guide
    8259 Thermostat Programming Guide

    Customised Heating Schedule
    The 8259 Touch Screen Thermostat can be programmed to suit your lifestyle. This easy to use touchscreen thermostat allows you to program 7 days of the week with 3 switching periods per day. This means that your floor will always be warm when you need it.  

    Thermostat Positions
    Preferably Thermostats should be located within the rooms that are heated, in accordance with electrical standards for bathrooms.
    As the Thermostat has a floor sensor it will be operating on the current floor temperature rather than the ambient temperature.
    For easy operation and access to controls, choose a location approximately 1.5m above the floor.
    Should situating the Thermostat remotely be necessary, the systems cold tail wiring can be extended up to 50 meters from the heating cable using 0.75mm twin core flex.

    Large Areas Over 16A
    For areas of heating greater than 16Amps that require control by a single Thermostat it is vital to use a snubber and contactor. Contactors are available in our underfloor heating accessory range.

    Technical Specifications

    Sensor Modes:

    Ambient room temperature, Floor, Ambient with Floor limit.



    Power consumption:


    Setting range:

    5 – 90°C (Underfloor Heating will not reach temperatures above 27°C)

    Temperature Gradient:

    0.5 – 10°C adjustable. Factory setting ± 1°C

    Ambient Temperature:

    0.5 ~ 50°C

    Protective Housing:


    Housing Material:

    Anti-flammable PC

    Max Load:

    16A 3680W


    H90mm x W86mm x D43mm (13mm to wall)


    3 Years (Terms and Conditions apply)