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Core Values

The thing that really makes dealing with Heat Direct such a wonderful experience is our culture and values. It lies at the very heart of our business and we want it to remain that way. We want every interaction with Heat Direct to portray these values and ensure you have a unique and rewarding experience.

Our Core Values portray exactly what kind of company we are and what you can expect when dealing with us every time. These values drive us to perform every day and underpin every decision and venture.

Customer first

Heat Direct puts the customer at the fore-front at all times. Customers are what keep us going and so we want to ensure you are our first priority at all times. We love to meet your needs and understand exactly what you are looking for so we can provide what you require every time. We are passionate about building long term relationships with our customers so we can interact time and time again.

Build open and honest relationships

Heat Direct will seek to operate as an open book when interacting with others. This will build our strong relationships with our customers intertwined with integrity and trust. We believe this is extremely important and we are committed to building any relationship and ensuring that our customers feel supported and cared for in a personal and professional way. 

Service, Service, Service

Here at Heat Direct if there is one thing we love to give, it’s service. Service is what takes the pain out of any task and leaves you with a smile. We love to ensure that our interactions are delivering unmatched service from the very beginning—the first exchange, right through to ensuring your order has been delivered. We have no excuses when it comes to delivering service, we just love to do it!

 Delivery on Promises

Here at Heat Direct our promises are our bond and we are committed to maintaining them at all times, no excuses and no exceptions. Even in the increasing technological world we are committed to delivering on our promises in a very human way to ensure you are always cared for.  We love to deliver.

Be the best we can be

Heat Direct is fantastic but we don’t stop there, we are always looking to embrace change and improve so that we are by far the best we can be and improving. We are never comfortable with where we are but are always looking at ways to improve processes, perspectives, opinions, service and our product offerings. We will always be striving to improve.