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Simple to use timing device for optimising the running of your Heated Towel Rail

The Eco-Timer is a simple timing device designed to go behind a switch plate. The timer is pre-set to turn on twice a day for a 4-hour period. Once programmed, the Timer will turn on at the same time morning and evening, every day of the week. The programmed time can be extended up to 11 hours and three heat settings can be selected: 50%, 75% and 100%.

    Product Features

    • Always have warm dry towels when you need one
    • Saves you power and money
    • Easy to Install
    • Simple to Program
    • No noise – no buzzing or ticking
    • Concealed in the wall behind the switch plate
    • Suitable for any Heated Towel Rail
    • Environmentally Friendly


    Eco-Timer Instructions

    The Eco-Timer has two switching periods per day which are 12hours apart. The ‘On’ periods can be adjusted from 1-11 hours with Three heat settings, 50%, 75% and 100%.

    Clean, uncluttered on off switch with no visual display

    The ET12C/5289 comes with a 1 Year Warranty.

    You will need at least one 12V Transformer per installation. The DSR6 Rails are low wattage so one 12V (105W) transformer will power up to 3 heated rails wired together in parallel. If the total output of the combined rails exceeds 105W you will need to purchase additional transformers.


    • The perfect solution for your bathroom
    • A product that you can rely on
    • Low running costs
    • Provides rapid, responsive heat to comfortably warm your towels
    • Fits seamlessly into your bathroom design