STYLO Panel Radiators

STYLO Panel Radiators


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Economical and effective technology with a minimalist design

The Stylo Natural Convector range is the easiest solution to ensure the right comfort is maintained while adorning your home with their modern design.

The inner heating aluminium core provides all the necessary heat to reach the desired ambient temperature as quick as possible. Less than 15 minutes and you will start enjoying the snug and cosy feeling offered by Stylo convectors. Along with its integrated electronic thermostat control, Stylo Heaters will be able to keep a cosy level of comfort with absolute precision.

Light and easy to install due to the wall mounting kit supplied with each product the Stylo is an excellent option for any room. Every product includes an electronic integrated ambient thermostat.

    Product Features

    • 500 Watt & 1000 Watt models
    • Fast heat up times
    • Built in thermostat to keep the room at the right temperature
    • Light and Easy to install
    • 2 Year Warranty 


    STYLO Installation Guide