PLANO Dual-Therm Electric Radiators


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Economical and effective technology with a minimalist design

Plano Electric Radiators provide gentle heat and incorporate DUAL THERM technology: two different heating systems integrated into a single unit.

Plano Electric Radiators guarantee continuous, even emission of heat, creating a pleasant and embracing sensation; without draughts or circulating air being distinctly perceived.

The heating technology contained in Plano Electric Radiators is based on a Dual Heating system: an aluminium element that makes it possible to reach the required comfort in the room easily, while reacting quickly to fluctuations in temperature and a radiant element that provides constant, even transmission of heat from the front surface through radiation.

Clean, essential, ultra-flat design. All the comfort of a modern home in a thickness of just 5cm. The radiators have a white powder coated finish, with concealed wiring or can be fitted with a 3 pin plug if required.

An optional remote allows you to control a number of radiators throughout your home. These can be programmed to switch on and off at certain periods as well as allowing you to select your desired temperature.

    Product Features

    • Combines radiation and convention heating in one unit 
    • Provides ideal heat and maintains an even heat temperature
    • Slim, ultra-flat design 
    • 2 Sizes Available 
    • 2 Year Warranty


    PLANO Installation Guide