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Thermomirror PRO Mirror Demisters

Thermomirror PRO Mirror Demisters


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Thermomirror™ PRO is a must for every bathroom. The ultra-thin de-mister pad provides a clear, condensation free mirror in any bathroom and comes in a range of practical sizes which can be cut to length on site.

Does your bathroom mirror fog up? Your mirror is virtually guaranteed to steam up when using bathrooms and showers due to the condensing effect of cold glass and warm air.

The clear solution is a Mirror Demister. Thermomirror™ PRO is the easy way to add that little bit extra luxury and usability to your bathroom. The thin de-mister pad is adhered to the rear of your mirror and connected to your light switch or movement sensor. Thermomirror™ PRO prevents condensation and gives you clear visibility even after a hot bath or shower. Available in 3 convenient sizes.

The Mirror Demister is a self-adhesive pad which is applied to the back of your mirror. The demister heats up applying warmth to the back of the mirror preventing it from fogging up. The pad features a single ended connection point making it easy to install.

Thermomirror Mirror Demisters can consume less power than the average light bulb and the fully self-adhesive backing ensures maximum contact for efficient heat transfer.

    Product Features

    • Ensures a completely condensation free mirror
    • Self adhesive installation strips on each side
    • IP54 Protection Rating
    • Connection points on both sides
    • Can be cut to length on site
    • Mains voltage 240V

    The advantages of Thermomirror™ PRO de-mister pads

    A fundamental flaw in every bathroom is that the mirror always steams up when you have a hot bath or shower. Thermomirror™ PRO de-mister pads can be wired up to your light switch, underfloor heating circuit or even a movement sensor to make sure your mirrors stay condensation free whenever you use the bathroom.

    Imagine not having to go into the bedroom in a wet towel to use a mirror! Thermomirror™ PRO is an essential finishing touch that heightens the luxury experience of any bathroom, domestic or commercial. Thermomirror™ PRO is simply adhered to the back of the mirror with the included self adhesive installation strips and wired into your existing electrics. The mirror can then be mounted using Mirror Bond Adhesive or supplied fixings, and you’re ready to enjoy the experience of a condensation free mirror.


    • Condensation free mirrors
    • Self adhesive installation strips
    • IP54 Protection Rating
    • Connection points on both sides
    • Can be cut to length on site
    • Mains voltage 240V


    • Use your mirror straight after a hot bath or shower and improve the bathroom experience
    • Simply sticks to the back of your mirror - no extra tape required
    • Ultra thin and unobtrusive to remain discreet yet effective
    • Easy installation into your existing lighting, underfloor heating or movement sensor circuit
    • Use multiple mats in parallel to cover larger areas or multiple mirrors with ease
    • No bulky transformers, simply connect the wires to your existing circuit

    More features & benefits

    • Versatile – Can be used to keep virtually any mirror condensation free.
    • Sizes – Available in 3 popular stock sizes that can be trimmed on site. Got a large mirror? We can produce bespoke Thermomirror™ pads to a wide range sizes and voltages to fit your project perfectly. Speak to our Sales team today to find out more.
    • Economical – Thermomirror™ can consume less power than the average light bulb.
    • Automatic – Thermomirror™ can be wired up to switch on automatically with your light switch, PIR movement sensor or even a home automation system or BMS.
    • Long Lasting – Thermomirror™ is moisture resistant and will not deteriorate due to vibration or ageing.
    • Safe – Thermomirror™ PRO is perfectly safe for use in bathrooms when installed in accordance with IEE wiring regulations (BS 7671:2008) and is IP54 rated.
    • Perfect for Hotel projects – Mirror de-misters are now specified in most new Hotel developments or refurbishment projects and can be wired directly into the key-card operated electrics or bathroom lighting. They are popular because it is a relatively inexpensive way to add a real wow factor to a hotel room, especially when installed alongside Thermonet electric underfloor heating.

    10 Year System Guarantee

    Every Thermomirror™ de-mister pad is covered by a 10 year guarantee straight out of the box. This entitles you to a replacement should your system develop a fault due to manufacturing defects, up to 10 years from your original purchase date. Terms and conditions apply.

    Project Sales Support

    Our experienced Project Sales team will be happy to provide a detailed specification proposal to suit your project and individual requirements.

    Accreditations and Certification

    • CE
    • Double Insulated
    • IP45