12V Mirror Demisters


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Why 12Volt Thermomirror™?

Having a mirror in your shower recess is an ideal option for shaving and washing, however it is guaranteed to fog up almost every time due to the effect of warm air on cold glass. Thermomirror 12Volt is the clear solution for this application. Designed as a low voltage de-mister pad, these de-misters can go in your shower recess, warming the back of the mirror, therefore preventing it from fogging up.

The advantages of Thermomirror™ EZ de-mister pads

A fundamental flaw in every bathroom is that the mirror always steams up when you have a hot bath or shower. Thermomirror™ Shower 12Volt de-mister pad can be wired up to the lighting or underfloor heating circuits or even a movement sensor to make sure your shower mirror stays condensation free whenever you use the bathroom.

Thermomirror™ EZ is completely self adhesive so it can be simply adhered to the back of the mirror and wired into your existing electrics with the single connection lead. The mirror can then be fixed to the wall and you’re ready to enjoy the experience of a condensation free mirror.


  • Suitable to be installed in shower area
  • Shower niche package available (incl mirror)
  • Includes 12Volt Transformer
  • Self-adhesive, simply sticks to the back of the mirror
  • Moisture resistant
  • Available in Full Shower Niche Kit!

More features & benefits

  • Versatile – Can be used to keep virtually any mirror condensation free.
  • Economical – Thermomirror can consume less power than the average light bulb and the full self adhesive backing ensures maximum contact for efficient heat transfer.
  • Automatic – Thermomirror can be wired up to switch on automatically with your light switch, PIR movement sensor or even a home automation system or BMS.
  • Long Lasting – Thermomirror is moisture resistant and will not deteriorate due to vibration or ageing.
  • Perfect for Hotel projects – Mirror de-misters are now specified in most new Hotel developments or refurbishment projects and can be wired directly into the key-card operated electrics or bathroom lighting. They are popular because it is a relatively inexpensive way to add a real wow factor to a hotel room, especially when installed alongside Thermonet electric underfloor heating.

5 Year System Guarantee

Every Thermomirror™ de-mister pad is covered by a 5 year guarantee straight out of the box. This entitles you to a replacement should your system develop a fault due to manufacturing defects, up to 5 years from your original purchase date.