Thermorail Heated Towel Rails - Coloured Range

Thermorail Heated Towel Rails - Coloured Range


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Thermorail offers quality, ease of install and comfort all in a Heated Ladder Towel Rail

The Advantages of Thermorail

Thermorail Heated Towel Rails enhance the bathroom experience by gently warming your towels and adding that little bit extra to your bathroom. Thermorail Heated Towel Rails are designed to run on the lowest wattage possible, without compromising comfort, and feature a self-regulating element to prevent overheating and maintain optimum running temperature. 

Product Features

  • Multiflex Wiring (Left or Right hand side/ Top or Bottom) 
  • Concealed or exposed wiring
  • 7 Year Warranty
  • Complies with AU Safety Regulations
  • Energy Efficient
  • Dry Electric Element
  • Easy to Install
Available Sizes:
  • CR44GM - Gold W600 x H800 x D155mm
  • SR44MRG - Rose Gold W600 x H800 x D122mm
  • SR44MGM - Gun Metal W600 x H800 x D122mm
  • BS44MW - White W600 x H800 x D122mm
  • SRB27M - Brushed W530 x H1120 x D122mm
  • SRB44M - Brushed W600 x H800 x D122mm
  • SRB69M - Brushed W700 x H1200 x D122mm
  • SR69MB - Matt Black W700 x H1200 x D122mm

 Easy Installation

Thermorail Heated Towel Rails can be Concealed Wired through any of the four mounting points and connected to your mains power to allow the rail to fit seamlessly into your bathroom with no visible wiring. Alternatively, this rail can be exposed wired allowing the rail to be retro fitted into an existing bathroom.

This rail has Multiflex Wiring meaning it can be wired on either the Left or Right Hand side, at the Top or Bottom of the Rail.


  • The perfect solution for your bathroom 
  • A product that you can rely on 
  • Low running costs 
  • Provides rapid, responsive heat to comfortably warm your towels 
  • Fits seamlessly into your bathroom design 
  • Peace of mind and extra comfort in your bathroom

You may also need

  • Timer - To control your heated towel rail
  • Thermodrill – Drill bit set for easy drilling of tiles