Thermorail Heated Towel Rails - 12Volt Single Bar

Thermorail Heated Towel Rails - 12Volt Single Bar


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Thermorail offers quality, ease of install and comfort all in a Heated Ladder Towel Rail

Thermorail 12Volt Heated Single Bar Towel Rails add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. Install just one in a small bathroom space or use multiple rails to create a unique design feature.

As these Thermorail’s single bar rails are 12Volt it means they can be located anywhere in the bathroom, offering you ease of design.

Product Features

  • Range of Designs, Finishes and Sizes
  • Energy Efficient – Low Voltage
  • Dry Electric Element
  • 12V - safe for use in bathrooms
  • Transformer provided with rails
  • Concealed Wiring
  • 10 Year Warranty
Available Styles:
  • DSS4- W450 x H40 x D100mm
  • DSS6- W632 x H40 x D100mm
  • DSS8- W832 x H40 x D100mm
  • DSR6- W632 x H32 x D100mm
  • DSC6- W640 x H40 x D100mm
  • DCF7- W700 x H40 x D100mm
  • DCR7- W700 x H32 x D100mm


DSS4 Data Sheet
DSS6 Data Sheet
DSS8 Data Sheet
DSR6 Data Sheet
DSC6 Data Sheet
DCF7 Data Sheet
DCR7 Data Sheet

Thermorail 12 Volt Single Bar Rails allow you to create a unique design suited to your requirements. These rails are usually installed in sets of 3 or 4 however you can install as many as required (providing you have the correct number of transformers). These single bar rails are typically installed with a spacing of 250mm but this can be varied to suit requirements.

The wiring of the 12 Volt Single Bar rails is completely concealed meaning they fit seamlessly to your wall with no visible wiring.

How many 12V Transformers do I need?
You will need at least one 12Volt Transformer per installation. The DCF7 Rails are low wattage so one 12V (105W) transformer will power up to 3 heated rails wired together in parallel. If the total output of the combined rails exceeds 105W you will need to purchase additional transformers.


  • The perfect solution for your bathroom
  • A product that you can rely on
  • Low running costs
  • Provides rapid, responsive heat to comfortably warm your towels
  • Fits seamlessly into your bathroom design

You may also need

  • Timer - To control your heated towel rail
  • Thermodrill – Drill bit set for easy drilling of tiles