5400 Rigid Insulation Board

Rigid Insulation Board For Under Floating Floors


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Rigid Insulation Boards for Floating Floor Build Ups & Timber Floors

Rigid Insulation boards are designed to provide Thermal Insulation and cushioning for under Laminate, Timber or Carpet. The boards are loose laid in a staggered, brick-work pattern and then taped together if required. Rigid Insulation is to be left as a floating layer in a Floating Floor application when installed below Thermofoil.

The 5mm thick board provides a cushion under the heating element to protect it from any damage that may be caused by movement of the substrate.

    Product Features

    • Designed for under Laminate, Timber or carpet
    • Provides Thermal Insulation & Cushioning
    • Easy to cut, quick and simple to install
    • Excellent Thermal Insulation properties
    • Minimal Height Build-up – Only 5mm Thick

    You may also need:

        • Reinforcing Tape
        • Fixing screws (32mm)
        • Metal Fixing Washers (35mm)

    How much do you need?
    To work out how much Rigid Insulation Board is required, the total floor area of the room needs to be calculated. This number is likely to be higher than the square meters of the floor heating as the Rigid Insulation Board covers the entire floor area. 

    Divide this number by 0.6, which is the square meter size of a sheet of Rigid Insulation Board, and this will give you the total number of sheets required. Remember to allow for wastage caused by cutting the boards to fit.

    Divide this number by 10, as they come in packs of 10, and then round this up to determine the number of packs needed. 

    Boost Efficiency
    The thermal properties of Rigid Insulation Boards minimise the amount of heat lost through the substrate, making your Underfloor Heating system more efficient.