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Coated Insulation Board For Timber Substrates


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Coated Econoboard provides the perfect, insulated substrate for Underfloor Heating

Coated Econoboard provides the perfect, insulated substrate for tile adhesive and Underfloor Heating and dramatically improves efficiency of Underfloor Heating systems.

Coated Econoboard has a very high compressive strength, coupled with minimal height build up making this unique board perfectly suited for use with our underfloor heating systems on timber substrates. This is an insulated board with a cement coating giving it that extra strength & reinforcement as well as excellent insulation properties.

Econoboard has a specially prepared surface to provide an ultra-strong bond to the substrate using a flexible tile adhesive.

    Product Features

    • 100% moisture and rot proof
    • Provides a high lateral stability for tiling
    • Available in 6mm and 10mm Thicknesses
    • High thermal insulation properties
    • Lightweight and workable
    • HFC and HCFC free
    • Boosts efficiency of Underfloor Heating by up to 50%
    • Designed for Timber substrates to increase floor strength

    You may also need:

        • Reinforcing Tape
        • Fixing screws (32mm)
        • Metal Fixing Washers (35mm)


    Econoboard Coated Data Sheet
    Econoboard Coated Installation Guide

    How much do you need?

    To work out how much Econoboard is required the total floor area of the room needs to be calculated. This number is likely to be higher than the square meters of the floor heating as the Econoboard needs to cover the entire floor. 

    The Econoboard insulation boards are 1.2x0.6 meters and cover an area of 0.72m² therefore divide the total floor area by 0.72 to calculate the number of sheets required.

    If you are using 6mm thick boards then divide by 8 as this is the total number of sheets in a box. If you are using the 10mm thick boards then divide by 6 as this is the total number of sheets in the box. Remember to allow for wastage due to the cutting of the boards.  

    Econoboard & Timber Floors

    • When tiling onto a timber substrate it will generally need strengthening. This can be done using Coated Insulation Boards which are fixed to the substrate using fixing screws and washers.
    • The cement coating on the board helps to provide extra rigidity to the floor and provides a strong and level base for tiling onto.

    Boost Efficiency by up to 50%
    The thermal properties of Insulation Boards minimise the amount of heat lost through the substrate, making your underfloor heating system up to 50% more efficient.

    Technical Specifications

    Board Dimensions

    1200x600mm  (0.72m2)



    Compressive strength

    300 kpa (10% compression)

    Thermal conductivity

    0.033 W/Mk   BSEN 13164 (5 years)

    Water absorption

    0.6% by vol    BSEN 12087

    Flame resistance

    Class 0

    Temperature Range


    Foam Core Density

    36 Kg/m3  

    R values (W/m2K)

    6mm = 0.33 
    10mm = 0.45