Accessories for Insulation


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Heat Direct Insulation Accessories for Easy Installation

Our range of accessories provides you with all that you will need to ensure that your Insulation installation is as easy as possible.

    100mm Reinforcing Tape 45m Roll
    The Reinforcing Tape is used to help seal the insulation joints before applying the waterproofing in bathrooms. The Reinforcing Tape helps to provide the water proofing with something to bond to.

      35mm Metal Fixing Washers
      The Metal Fixing Washers provide the perfect way for screwing coated insulation to a timber floor. Using this washer provides the screw head with greater surface area eliminating the risk of the screw breaking through the Econoboard surface. It is recommended to use 8-10 washers per board as this will help to maximise strength and stability of the floor.

      32mm Fixing Screws
      These Screws are perfect to be used in conjunction with the Fixing Washers and are idea for screwing into a timber substrate.