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Vario Heating Cable Kits

Vario Heating Cable Kits


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Vario Heating Cable Kit

Vario is the traditional underfloor heating cable kit solution designed for installing in small, awkward areas.
Vario cable kits include the most advanced electric underfloor heating cable available and our unique patented fixing strip, which is designed to speed up installation and save time on site.

Lifetime Warranty
(with 3 year warranty on our Thermostats)

 Variable output underfloor heating

Using Vario cable allows you to space the heating cables yourself to achieve a desired layout and heat output per m².

Advanced Twisted Twin Heating Cable
Our superior advanced TwistedTwin heating cables are unique; you will find
thinner cables, but you won’t find better quality.

Strong bond to the substrate
The adhesive used in the Vario fixing strip is a high-grab, pressure activated
adhesive that bonds permanently to the substrate and the heating cable.

Ideal for irregular shaped areas
The layout is totally flexible and can be designed to fit around furniture and
fixtures in small or irregular shaped rooms.

Pre measured cable spacing
The Vario fixing strip has pre measured 10mm cable spacing markers that
remove the need to measure and mark your substrate, saving you time.


Vario Data Sheet
Vario Installation Guide

Relax. You’re protected by our Lifetime Warranty!

Technical Specifications

Heating Performance
Electric Underfloor Heating is one of the most efficient methods of heating available. Depending on individual requirements, insulation levels and building construction, Electric Underfloor Heating can be installed as the only heat source in a room. It can also be used as a supplementary heat source or to take the chill off a tiled floor.

Primary Heat Source
We recommend that if you wish to use Underfloor Heating as your primary heat source, you must ensure that at least 80% of the floor is covered. In older buildings with lower insulation levels or in areas of high heat loss (E.g. A Conservatory or room with large areas of glass), it may be necessary to increase the output to 200W/m2.

Secondary Heating
Electric Underfloor Heating can also be used as an additional heat source to eliminate the chill of a cold floor. When an existing primary heating system is in place, such as central heating, Electric Underfloor Heating is suitable for providing additional warmth and comfort to the floor and savings can often be made by reducing the temperature settings on the main system.

Heat Up Times
Floor construction and finish will govern heat up times. When Underfloor heating is installed directly beneath the tiles it will have a fast heat up time, in reverse, it will also cool down quickly. Unlike when Underfloor Heating is installed in the slab or a screed, meaning it will take longer to heat up as it is also heating the slab or screed which then hold the heart for longer. Sufficient insulation will greatly reduce heat up times and you will notice the difference on your energy bills. A well-insulated Electric Underfloor Heating system can be up to 50% more efficient than an un-insulated system, especially when managed by one of our programmable thermostats.