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Thermonet EZ 150W/m² Underfloor Heating Mat

Thermonet EZ 200W/m² Underfloor Heating Mat


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Thermonet® EZ 200W/m2

Underfloor Heating is no longer an expensive luxury extra. An electric underfloor heating system is an easy, affordable and economical way to add luxury to any room.

Thermonet Matting

Thermonet® underfloor heating is unique in Australia as it uses a superior quality TwistedTwin™ cable fixed to our self-adhesive fibreglass mesh. These industry leading materials and processes allow the mat to roll out totally flat for easy installation in a variety of applications. The fact that we manufacture Thermonet® under floor heating in our German manufacturing plant means we have control over the quality of each individual mat and we perform stringent quality control tests to ensure each and every Thermonet® underfloor heating mat is finished to the highest possible quality.

Product Features

  • High grab self-adhesive mesh
  • TwistedTwin™ heating cable
  • Safe for use in wet areas
  • High quality fibreglass mesh
  • LayFlat™Technology
  • Less than 4mm thick

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Technical Specifications:


500mm (430mm heated)


Various to suit application




29°C (thermostat controlled by via a floor sensor and thermostat)



Heat Up Times
Floor construction and finish will govern heat up times. Where heat up times increase, so do cool down times, therefore it is unlikely that the floor will be heating up from cold each day. Sufficient insulation, such as econoboard, will greatly reduce heat up times and you will notice the difference in your energy bills. A well-insulated Thermonet® system can be up to 50% more efficient than an un-insulated system, especially when managed by one of our programmable thermostats. Average heat up times can be seen in the table below.

Accreditations and Certification

  • UL
  • CE
  • Zero EMF
  • IP68
  • 17th Edition Compliant
  • IEC 800:1992
  • EN 60335-1:2002
  • EN 60335-2-96:2002N