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Thermofoil Under Carpet, Vinyl or Laminate Underfloor Heating System

Thermofoil Under Carpet, Vinyl or Laminate Underfloor Heating System


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Thermofoil Under Carpet, Vinyl or Laminate Underfloor Heating System

Laminate and engineered timber floors are becoming more and more popular because of their eco credentials and the natural look and feel of a wooden floor.

Thermofoil brings the ease and simplicity of electric underfloor heating to Laminate flooring. The foil heating mats are approximately 2.5mm thick providing a streamline heating solution suitable for both new builds and refurbishment projects.

Thermofoil can also be installed under other floating floors such as Vinyl and Carpet, when used in conjunction with Econosoft overlay system.

Econosoft Acoustic Barrier should be installed with every Thermofoil installation. The Econosoft layer provides cushioning for the heating cable and acts as an abrasion layer to protect the heating elements from wear and tear from any movement that could be caused by movement in the floor build up.

Vapour Barrier is an essential for when installing Thermofoil under timber floors as it prevents the underfloor heating from drying out which will cause the moisture in the timber which cause it to shrink. 

Product Features

  • For use under laminate & engineered flooring
  • Full earth braid for ultimate safety
  • Accessible cable loops
  • Simple cut-and-return installation
  • Durable construction
  • 15 Year Warranty

Thermofoil Installation Guide

The Advantages of Electric Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating is not a new idea. It was widely used by the Romans and although effective, it was labour intensive, expensive and time consuming to set up. The concept has been around for centuries and has developed from the original fire powered systems to hot water based systems, right up to the ultra-thin Electric Underfloor Heating on the market today. However, the majority of people are still using convection heating to heat their home and office. Convection heating creates drafts and heats the top of the room to a much higher temperature than that at the floor. This results in an uncomfortable and uneven spread of heat. Thermofoil Electric Under-Laminate heating creates a comfortable, even heat by gently warming the room from the floor up, effectively using your entire floor as a low surface temperature radiator. Electric Floor Heating eliminates the need for wall mounted radiators and gives you full freedom to design your room exactly the way you want to. Carpet Heating also has health benefits, as there is no air movement, a cleaner environment is created, especially beneficial for people with allergies.

Simple cut-and-return installation method

Thermofoil is a very flexible Floor Heating solution as the mats can be cut carefully to fit your room configuration. To get around fixed objects such as kitchen island benches and sanitary ware, you can simply cut the aluminium foil and arrange the mat and cable around the obstruction. When using this method, you must take care not to cut the cable. Download the Installation Guide for more details.

Energy Efficiency

Electric Floor Heating can be the most efficient way to heat your home and is suitable for both new build and retro-fit projects. A well-insulated Electric Underfloor Heating system controlled by a zoned heating schedule can cost as little as 4cents/m2 a day* and is much more efficient than heating the whole house with a central heating system. Electric Underfloor Heating systems are an efficient, cost effective solution for home owners, land lords and businesses looking to save money on heating and energy bills.

*This varies, depending on level of insulation, floor coverings, set temperature and length of on periods.

You may also need: 

  • Rigid Insulation Board
  • Vapour Barrier
  • Econosoft Acoustic Barrier

Technical Specifications




2 to 24m




29°C (controlled by a floor sensing thermostat)






Fluoropolymer coated cable encased in aluminium foil


230V   50Hz