Thermoscreed In-Screed Heating Cable

Thermoscreed In-Screed Heating Cable


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Thermoscreed Versatile In-Screed Heating Cable

Thermoscreed 18W/Lm is a brilliantly versatile robust 5.5mm thick floor heating cable designed for use in screed or over insulated floors. 
Thermoscreed is simple to install using a galvanised fixing profile or cloth tape and provides ideal heating through warming the whole of your screed. This system is an excellent option in situations where a second screed is being applied to the top of an existing slab and for a polished concrete floor finish. 

Product Features

  • Robust 5.5mm thick cable for use in screed
  • 18W/Lm for excellent heat output
  • Simple, fast installation with fixing profile
  • 25 Year Cable Warranty
  • Flexibility of output based on cable spacing
What output do I need? 
On most new build project plans it will specify a designed heat output in order to achieve the desired heating level in a particular room. This output will be detailed in Watts (W). 
If not specified, you will require 160W/m2. Take the mof the room x 160 = Output (Watts); Then select the next size up of cable.

    E.g. 3mRoom  = 3 x 160 = 480W
    Stock No. 3053  500W cable is required.

    Select a heating cable
    When you know the desired output (W), select a Thermoscreed cable, or combination of cables, that meets the designed output of the room. Multiple cable can be used in an area and be connected to one Thermostat. If the cables exceed 16amps, a contactor with snubber will be required.

    Do I need Fixing Profile?
    The Fixing Profile is an optional fixing method. This Fixing Profile makes installation easy and keeps cable spacing consistent. The cable can be taped to the substrate to avoid using the fixing profile.

    How much fixing profile do I need? 
    To calculate the amount of galvanised fixing profile you will need to allow 1m of profile for every 6m of cable.

      Total Lm (floor heating) / 6 = m required (25 meter rolls).
      E.g. 3mRoom = 3053 = 33Lm; 33 ÷ 6 = 5.5
      5. 5m of Fixing Profile is required.


      How to calculate cable spacing? 
      Use this simple equation to calculate spacing 

        Available floor space (m2) x 100     = Spacing (cm)
                  Total Cable Length 



        Edge Insulation Strip - 3225
        Thermoscreed Edge Insulation is a foam insulation strip that is designed to run around the perimeter of the room and any fixed objects or pipes to allow for expansion and contraction in the screed. Failure to use this insulation strip means there is no allowance for movement in the screed which could result in cracking and damage to the floor finish.

        Galvanised Fixing Profile - 3259
        Thermoscreed galvanised fixing profile can be mechanically fixed to your substrate to provide solid anchor points for the heating cable. The cable is held securely in place with the locking cable clips. Simply fix this fixing profile down to your substrate (screw for timber floors; and nail for concrete) and then clip the cable into the fixing points at even spacing to allow for consistent heat output. 

        To calculate the amount of galvanised fixing profile required, allow 1m of profile for every 6m of cable.

        Total Lm (floor heating) / 6 = m required (25 meter rolls).