Accessories for Floor Heating

Accessories for Floor Heating


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Underfloor Heating Accessories for Easy Installation
Our range of accessories provides you with all that you will need to ensure that your Insulation installation is as easy as possible.

    Mat Monitor
    The mat monitor is designed to be connected to your floor heating cable during installation and tiling so that if the wire is cut or damaged the alarm will sound alerting you of the damage. This allows the damage to be located and repaired before it is too late. These are included in all Comfort Zone Heating Mat or Loose Wire kits and can be purchased as an additional accessory for all other Underfloor Heating Systems. Heat Direct still recommend an electrician does an OHMS and Mega test after the floor topping or tiling.

      Contactors are designed to allow you to switch loads greater than 16Amps on one Thermostat. Heat Direct offers three contactors from the popular Voltex range to ensure you are always covered.  When multiple cables are connected to a single thermostat the total amps need to be calculated and if it is in excess of 16Amps, the correct size contactor needs to be purchased. All contactors include snubber protection to prevent any spikes causing damage to the electronics.

      Cold Tail Extension Kits
      The low profile cold tail can be extended if required using a standard 1.5mm twin core flex. Additional cold tail cable and an Extension Kit can be purchased from Heat Direct.

      Flexible Floor Conduit
      The Flexible Floor Conduit goes in the floor to provide housing for the floor sensor to ensure that it can easily be removed and replaced if the floor sensor gets damaged or fails. A Flexible Floor Conduit is provided with all thermostats.

      Spray Adhesive
      Whilst the Comfort Zone mats are fully self-adhesive. Spray adhesive is an excellent means of providing extra bonding for substrates which are particularly difficult to adhere to. 

      Repair Kits
      In the unfortunate case that you manage to damage your underfloor heating cable during install you can purchase a repair kit which provides you with the necessary tools and instructions to repair your underfloor heating cable in a very short space of time.