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Electric Elements for Hydronic Rails


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The Electric Towel Rail Elements are ideal for replacing old and faulty elements. These elements are fitted onto the bottom of the towel rail and are ready to be plugged straight into a power point or hardwired through the wall.

Standard Electric Element
Standard Electric Elements are designed for prefilled liquid rails and are plugged into a power point for easy installation.

Product Features

  • Simply plug into powerpoint
  • 3 Sizes Available (150W, 300W, 400W)
  • Easy to replace on old rails

    Valve Set

    Chrome valve sets are used to easily connect your Heated Towel Rail into your hydronic heating system.

    Product Features

    • Provides easy connection to Hydronic Heating System
    • 1 Standard size to suit all rails

    Thermostatic Electronically Controlled with Turbo Boost

    The Thermostatic Electric Elements allow you to have control over the temperature of your Liquid Filled Heated Towel Rail by having a simple dial control on the electric element. These are designed to be used with pre-filled rails and hard wired into your electrical circuit.

    Product Features

    • Turbo Boost function
    • 2 Sizes available (300W, 600W)
    • Excellent control over the temperature of your towel rail
    • Hard-wired

    Dual Fuel Set-up

    The Dual Fuel Setup allows you to connect the Towel Rail to the Hydronic Heating system as well as giving you the option to boost the towel rails heat with the Turbo Boost or to have the rail on and heating while your hydronic system is turned off.

    Product Features

    • Turbo Boost function
    • 2 Sizes available (300W, 600W)
    • Providing optimum rail control
    • can be heating while hydronic system is off
    • Concealed wiring